Nova Contemporary

Gallery identity for one of the leading lights of the Thai capital’s burgeoning art scene.

We developed a consistent graphic system with a bespoke typeface inspired by Sanskrit, emphasizing the vital roots of Thai culture. In Thai, the second syllable of Nova bears sonic resonance to the character (Wā) derives from the word for speech (Wācā). Fusing two languages together, the name produces novel meaning, alluding to a space of “No” speech. This powerful synthesis captures the gallery’s purpose; establishing its unwavering dedication to transcending linguistic limitations through the visual whilst selecting a simple color palette to allow the gallery’s captivating content speak for itself.


Nova Contemporary aims to cultivate the reciprocal exchange of Thailand’s contemporary art and culture to Southeast Asia and beyond.



For project inquiries and more information

106 Sukhumvit 26, 2nd Floor
Klongton, Klongtoei
Bangkok 10110
Tel: +662 258 4099

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